VERSION Hyaluronic Acid Serum 30ml Antiaging Facial Serum

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HYALURONIC ACID SERUM is an excellent intensive concentrate for face, neck and for the delicate eye area. It supports the production of collagen, promotes the skin’s rejuvenation and provides valuable hydration. The product is a blend of three kinds of Hyaluronic Acid, (Non – Animal Sourced Hyaluronic Acid), an extremely active agent that improves the skin elasticity and enhances the skin rejuvenation. It also contains Flavonoid Complex SC and Οligopeptide-59 that are excellent antioxidants and encourages the collagen and fibronectin synthesis.

The anti ageing benefits that the combination of HYALURONIC ACID SERUM main ingredients provides, are plenty and visible. After few days, the mature skin is hydrated directly while gradually is restored, regains the firmness and volume and the wrinkles are filled from the inside.


Hyaluronic Acid: The product contains three kinds of Hyaluronic Acid, non –animal sourced, stabilized

- Hyaluronic Acid

- Hysilk Acid

- Hyactive Acid

It is an absolute natural ingredient – a high molecular weight polysaccharides chain – occurs in every living creature. It is mostly found in connective tissues, in joints and in the vitreous humor of eye while the half of the amount is located in skin extra cellular matrix.

It provides antioxidant protection in skin cells, improves the intracellular communication and according to scientific studies, it plays important role in new collagen fibers production. As time goes by, the hyaluronic acid levels are decreased and therefore the skin loses moisture easily, loses volume and elasticity, becomes sagging and lines and wrinkles appear.

Hyaluronic Acid is used in cosmetic products for its ability to “reverse“ or stop the ageing. In news report, the topical use of hyaluronic acid is considered as the “key to the fountain of youth”.

Main active ingredients:


• Face and eye treatment

• Hydrates the skin – replenishes moisture

• Plumps, smooths and softens the skin in short time

• Reduction of fine lines

• Reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles

• Reduces redness in Rosacea

• More youthful appearance

• Improved skin elasticity

Ideal for:

• All skin types

• All ages

• Men and women

• Anyone starting to develop lines

• Better results of any cosmetic procedure, IPL, Derma Sound, Light Therapy

Recommended use:

Apply moderate amount on entire face and neck including the area around eyes and mouth. Gently massage the skin untill it’s completely absorbed. For maximum results, use it morning and evening. The product works on the lower skin levels. It is not a surface moisturizer.

Paraben free.

Package: The product is in an airtight system providing two basic advantages:

a) The system is hygienic, as no “unclean” fingers touch the cream – it thus restrains the bacteria culture.

b) It does not allow the air to come inside the package, preventing the material from oxidation, which means that the product remains active until it runs out.

Package: 30 ml

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