Vitabiotics Hair follic Man 60Tabs (TRICOLOGIC)

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The dietary supplement Vitabiotics Hairfolic Man of is a composition of specialized ingredients with proven action in health of the scalp and the metabolism of the hair follicle. The Hairfolic Man contains the cluster Keratone, medicinal product of Vitabiotics with Lignans, amino acids, choline, inositol and Proanthocyanidins. The Lignans are Phytoestrogens that according to surveys can prevent the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which leads to hair loss (alopecia androgenis). Amino acids, such as cystine and lysine, help in structuring of hair while Proanthocyanidins have antioxidant and helps good blood circulation and transfer of nutrients through the bloodstream directly to hair follicles. In the composition of Hairfolic Man also contained nutrients with proven action in health of the scalp, such as PABA, Pantothenic acid and iron, as well as nutrients that appear to play a role in the health of the skin of the head, such as biotin and niacin.

-Can be used in addition to products for external use
-Suitable for vegetarians

Dosage & Instructions
Two or three tablets a day with your meal with a full glass of water or cold beverage.

Does not contain
Preservatives, gluten, artificial colors, salt or yeast.

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