Vivapharm QYRA Intensive Care Collagen 90tabs

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Nutritional supplement for ypostirixi collagen production in the skin.


To QYRA ® Intensive Care Collagen fulfills the wishes - and makes you look like newer




• Beauty and anti-aging are vital issues for women


• Many women over 40 are not satisfied with the superficial effects of local products like creams


• The women consider the idea of ​​beauty-from the inside to be more effective with positive


effects on the whole body


• Collagen is directly linked to anti-aging




Clinical studies involving more than 100 women show visible results after just a short time of taking VERISOL collagen Qyra ®.




• The aging process of the skin significantly delayed


• The skin became noticeably firmer and smoother


• A daily dose of 2,5 g, taken at four weeks, producing a measurable effect on the reduction of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity




The real beauty comes from within. The Qyra ® Intensive Care Collagen 90tabs provides skin particularly effective collagen peptides entering the dermal layers of the skin - where local cosmetics can not be effective.




• The substance is used by - VERISOL Qyra ® - contains scientifically proven bioactive collagen peptides.


• The result: The Qyra ® Intensive Care Collagen 90tabs working systematically for the whole of our body and calms the skin from within, improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and significantly increases moisture.

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