Wellcon Oleran anti-stretch mark cream 125ml

Product Sku: 20681

Product information



Prevents & reduces the appearance of stretch marks


The Olerán anti-stretch mark cream is a protective and restorative body cream for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks caused by pregnancy , puberty and the sudden change in body weight .


Suitable for women and men .


Research & Technology


The cream Olerán anti-stretch mark thanks to the advanced formula with 5 active ingredients , prevents and reduces the appearance of stretch marks by providing intense hydration , reconstruction and regeneration of the skin and increase elasticity and cohesion of the skin . Visible results even from the first month of use .


The cream Olerán anti-stretch mark significantly reduces the length , depth and roughness of stretch marks while preventing the appearance of new stretch marks.

Absorbs quickly , no grease , with pleasant and distinctive aroma .


The Olerán anti-stretch mark is dermatologically tested for external use only

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