Winmedica Sideral Folico Sachets 30pcs

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Winmedica Sideral Folico Sachets 30pcs

Winmedica Sideral Folico Sachets 30pcs The SiderAL-FolicoTo SiderAL® Folico, is an ideal combination to meet the increased needs of women during pregnancy, menopause and the elderly in iron and folic acid.
It is in the form of dispersible powders mouth for easier intake and has a pleasant taste and does not need water.

Aside from pregnancy, the SiderAL® Folico is very useful in cases where:

period of 1-2 months before conception
to avoid premenstrual syndrome
for women of childbearing age who feel fatigue and feeling weak
for women athletes
for women at menopause
for their men and older women

It contains iron, folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B12, vitamin D and vitamin B6. H Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium in the bones. Lack of during pregnancy affects the fetus and subsequent neonatal, so at birth have a reduced weight, the plating bone damaged and hypercalcemia in infants is common. This in turn often results in skeletal deformities and weaker musculature.
In older adults, vitamin D help to improve bone status, but also mood and mental apodosi.s So vitamin B12.
Iron 21 mg 150%
Vitamin C 70 mg 87%
Folate 400mcg 200%
Vitamin D 10,00 mcg 200%
Vitamin B12 1,75 mcg 70%
Vitamin B6 1 mg 71%

IDB = Dietary reference values
One sachet daily.


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