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Food supplement with folic acid from Solgar.

The role played by folic acid in our bodies is particularly important if you need to create new cells for the synthesis of RNA and DNA. Additionally, it is a necessary component for the metabolism of proteins in their exploitation and hematopoiesis.
The irresistible combination of folic acid and vitamin C and vitamin B12 helps our body to metabolize, to break, to use and to synthesize new proteins.
Folic acid is particularly useful for pregnant women or for those wishing to become pregnant. This vitamin, is particularly important for the prevention of congenital disorders of the central nervous system such as spina bifida (the vertebral column of the baby does not grow properly), and other disorders of the spinal cord or brain (anencephaly)

Another interesting action of vitamin B 9 is that it reduces blood concentration of homocysteine. Increased homocysteine appear to increase the risk for heart disease. The folic acid deficiency leads to increased homocysteine levels, as well as the failure of a combination of folic acid and b 12, may lead to the occurrence or megaloblastic macrocytic anemia.

DOSAGE: The Solgar Folic Acid is available in tablets. Each pack contains 100 tablets of 400mg. Take 1 tablet of Folic Acid of Solgar daily during meals. It is suitable for vegetarians.


Food supplements do not replace a balanced diet.
In case of pregnancy or when breast-feeding or are under medication, you should consult your doctor.

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