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The Allerg-Stop Repellent is a new, unique, approved TCR 19 spray repellent for mites, fleas and bugs with a multitude of applications to fill a large gap in the fight against all allergenic substances found on all fibrous surfaces and mainly inside the mattresses. Its usefulness is particularly catalytic in maintaining the hygiene of layers that are extremely burdened by daily use as we spend one third of our lives. Allerg Stop is the first approved biocide repellent spray supplementing geranium, mites, fleas and bugs to decontaminate!

In people with allergies
In people with respiratory problems
In young children
To the soldiers
In people with low immune system
People who stay in hotels, camps or camping
In people who have pets

Instructions for use
Use it on all layers and fibrous surfaces in: houses, rooms to let, hotels, camping, children''s crèches, dormitories, student halls, camps, maternity hospitals, camps, hospitals, clinics, vets, Nurseries, caravans etc. A definitive solution to the problem of allergies from mites, bugs and fleas that directly affect our health

Indications: biocidal - repellent spray for mites, bugs and fleas.

For outdoor use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

Content: 100 ml

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