Intermed Allerfix gel 6g

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H innovative solution that treats allergies naturally
Allergens floating in the air, or are products mites, pollen, dust, etc., are electrostatically charged.
Under normal circumstances, there are no obstacles to enter the nasal cavity with the breath, and some of them can reach the upper and lower respiratory tract, causing symptoms of allergy.
Allergic reactions due to inhalation allergens as normal pollen, dust, etc..
To AllerFix is an innovative product, thanks to its unique composition based on wheat, holds directly substances that cause allergies before they enter the body through the neutralization of electrostatic charge bearing on their surface. Manage the majority of inhaled allergens to which is contacted by the human body daily.
Direct, non-pharmacological action
Safe for use in infants, children and pregnant women
Suitable for homeopathy
Put 1-2 drops on the tip of the index finger
Apply the gel with the thumb and index
Apply around the nostrils and between the nose and the upper lip region and malaxte until absorbed.
Each application takes 3-4 hours. Apply as often as needed or until remission of symptoms.
The AllerFix lasts for up to 300 applications
Tube of 6g

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