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The new advanced technology Allerg-STOP giving a final solution to the chronic problem of allergies by mites that directly affect our health, providing clean and healthy results.

The viokatharismos mattresses, sofas, carpets & rugs salon-car certification antiallergic protection Allerg-STOP result in the removal of all allergens inside, such as mites - mites droppings and excrement - powder - hair - dead cells - fungi - fungal spores - bacteria - viruses - bacteria etc.

H new advanced technology Allerg-STOP with the innovative product line Allerg-STOP Repellent is only approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food approval number TP19-0052/2011 license.

Awarded with the 1st European Innovation Award, dermatologically tested by Dermatest with excellent results and scientifically proven efficacy and 100% growth inhibition kill mites on laboratory testing (8) eight weeks from the LHS Institute Germany.

The elimination of all mites and allergens ensure absolute cleanliness and allergy protection!


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