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Red Vine

Part used: leaves.

"Heavy legs'' veins, hemorrhoids, soreness of the skin capillaries (spider veins, bruising).


The red vine is climbing plant with green leaves in spring that gradually acquire up to a beautiful autumn dark red color.

The plant''s circulatory

It owes its beneficial properties in the presence of a variety of substances in the blood vessels provide a real protection.

Anthocyanins are the action of vitamin P combat venous insufficiency and the sensitivity of the capillaries of the skin (increasing the resilience of the walls and reducing the permeability).

The tannins, promote the contraction of the walls of blood vessels, facilitating the return of blood to accumulate in the extremities to the heart.

The proanthocyanidins fight free radicals and stabilize the collagen found in the membranes of blood vessels.

Thus, the red vines stimulates the veins, so I used when facing problems with "heavy legs", varicose veins, spider veins, and also to soothe hemorrhoids.


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