Minerva Procto Synalar Cleansing Foam, 40ml

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Minerva Procto Synalar Cleansing Foam, 40ml


Indications: Foam cleaning & hygiene anal


The PROCTO-SYNALAR cleansing foam is a soft foam for anal cleansing with soothing properties, especially designed for daily hygiene in the perianal region and any discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.


The PROCTO-SYNALAR cleansing foam, has a gentle formula based on natural extracts such as extract of Marigold flower, chamomile flower water and rosewater centaur, designed specifically for the needs of the region:


• Provides gentle cleansing and improves anal hygiene.

• Prevents irritation and friction due to the soft texture of the foam.

• Soothes and cools the symptoms of hemorrhoids such as itching and pain.

• Maintains the natural pH of the area.

• Prevents the growth of bacteria due to its antiseptic properties.

• ideally prepare the region for treatment with Procto-Synalar cream.



Keep TMinerva Procto Synalar Cleansing Foam and dry place away from children.



Apply every day twice a day or as often as required in the perianal area, gently massage and rinse with clean water.


Content: 40ml

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