Athomer 50 salt sachets

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Athomer 50 Salt Sachets

Athomer 50 Salt Sachets for the Athomer Nasal Wash System which cleans and decongests the nasal cavity. With 99.6% sea salt. Suitable for adults and children over 4 years

Τhe Athomer Nasal Wash System is a process of decongestion of the nasal cavity. You can use 1 sachet in 250ml distilled water and thus create an isotonic solution that cleans the nasal cavity even preventively

If you use 2 sachets then you create a hypertonic solution which treats the symptoms of the nasal cavity.

1 sachet contains 99,6% ΝaCI ,Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium

It is suggested for used in order to treat symptoms of

  • Cold
  • Allergic rhinitis or rhinosinusitis
  • Allergy to dust, pollen, tobacco, etc


Wash the nasal system with soap and rinse with water. Fill the bottle with 250ml distiled water or tap water that has beel boiled for 5 minutes. You can use one or two sachets depending on the use you wish to make and shake it.

Bend over the sink and tilt your hed to one side .Insert the nozzle of the bottle into the nostril and squeee gently intil the solution flows from the opposite nostril 

Don't swallow the solution. Wash the system after its use .


Each appliance must be used by one person for hygiene purposes . Do not use the athomer when your nose is completely blocked. Do not use the device after its expiration date. Keepaway from children. Stop using it if you experience pressure in the ears or headache.


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