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Vegetable instant decaffeinated coffee fruit and organic foods.
Nutritional substitute instant coffee
100% natural ingredients from controlled organic farming
Suitable for consumption at any time of the day
Suitable for children
It does not affect the heart, nervous and circulatory system
Mild aromatic flavor
Special, nutritious recipe with chicory (millet), figs, wheat, malted barley and acorns
Consumed hot or cold
Rich in potassium
Support digestion (chicory / millet)
Already in 1920 the leading Swiss physician A.Vogel had found that high intakes of coffee, have a negative impact on health.
In the 1950s perfected by the same unique recipe Bambu which is the most famous global coffee substitute.
The Bambu® is fully water soluble and aromatic coffee substitute fruit and cereals. The ingredients come from controlled biological cultivation.
It contains coffee beans and therefore contains no caffeine and can thus be consumed at any time of day. It is also suitable for children.
It is an ideal substitute for those overworked nervous system, stomach problems or high blood pressure. Protects the heart, circulatory and nervous system.
Chicory, wheat, barley, figs, acorns and 100% organic.
Dosage and method of use
Dissolve 1 teaspoon coffee in a cup in a warm milk or water, stir well and enjoy a wonderful drink any time of day.

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