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Candidiasis affects about 30% of all people around the world (12+ years old) - mostly women, who suffer from fungal-associated diseases from the Candida fungus. Its populations are controlled by the healthy bacterial flora of our body and fungal disease occurs when its growth exceeds our body''s control capacity. This is only the case if the balance of the organism has been disturbed by a disease, by taking medication (antibiotics, cortisone, contraceptives) or if it has been tainted by slimming diets and constant anxiety.
Bio-Kult® Candéa contains an innovative combination of 7 kinds of friendly bacteria (probiotics) to improve the intestinal flora that helps protect against overgrowth of candida. It also contains extracts of garlic and grapefruit seeds, with antifungal activity. Clinical studies have shown that the active ingredient of garlic, alisine, acts by inhibiting the dimerization of candida, i.e. its conversion from the inactive, monocytic form of "yeast" to its pathogenic, multicellular, filamentous form. It stops its growth, while the grapefruit seed extract destroys the microbial membrane of the fungus, resulting in the candida being unable to adhere to the intestinal walls.

Active ingredients per capsule (candea-bullet):
Live bacteria 1 billion CFU
Garlic 60mg
Seed extract of grapefruit 130mg
Contains traces of soy and milk at a level that will not affect those who are intolerant to lactose

probiotics. candidiasis. Candida

Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

Produced in the United Kingdom

15 capsules

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