A.Vogel Bio-Kult Candea 60caps

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Strengthening the body''s natural defenses
The Bio-kult Candéa contains a unique blend of seven species of friendly bacteria in probiotics to enhance intestinal flora which helps protect against the overgrowth of candida.
These friendly bacteria reduce the PH of the intestine, thereby preventing the survival of Candida which prefer to develop it a more alkaline environment.
The Bio-kult Candéa also contains extracts of garlic and grapefruit seed, which is known in herbal medicine for its powerful antifungal properties. A series of clinical studies demonstrates that the active ingredient of garlic, the alisini, works by preventing the production of lipid candida thus stopping its growth while the extract of grapefruit seeds destroys the microbial membrane of the fungus candida so can not be adhering to walls of the intestine.

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