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It is enhanced dietary supplement that combats hair loss and nail brittleness.

A synthesis of scientific thought, which deal efficiently from the inside, the problems of hair and nails

The main component of hair is 90% of the protein, called keratin (the soft version), is at ease in strength and power of the strain of hair. The main ingredient of nail is composed of hard keratin.

The keratin is composed of amino acids, Cystine, Methionine, cysteine, leucine, serine, glycine, threonine.
Also, the hair contains minerals and trace elements like selenium, zinc, iron, copper, calcium, magnesium,
argylio, lipids and pigments.

Keratin contains sulfur. The 15% of the sulfur of hair found in the sulfur amino acid Cystine plays an important role in the structure of hair. The biosynthesis of cystine in the body is possible when there is enough
amount of sulphide amino acid methionine which acts as a sulfur donor.

The BioKap caps is a fortified food supplement, containing in ideal proportions, all the necessary substances needed by our organization, to power, from within, the WEBS & Leather, therefore
hair and nails to help maintain, the balanced growth and a drastic reduction in hair loss.

The BIOKAP CAPS as a dietary supplement composition has two essential sulfur amino acids in ideal and effective doses, L-Kystini with the 120 mg & L-Methionine with 30 mg. The strengths of these two sulfur amino acid BioKap caps are reinforced and necessary to allow the product to give satisfactory results in a short time.

The BioKap also contains:
Antioxidants such as Vitamin C - Vitamin C - Copper, Zinc and Selenium, which destroy harmful free radicals, which are largely responsible for the destruction of the cell membrane and the creation of hair loss.

Vitamin E protects cell membranes of cells of the hair bulb and helps the health of mallion.Periechei even more necessary ingredients such as plant extracts, fatty acids and iron.

The ellipsi methionine makes hair brittle, they weaken and created intense hair loss.


Sulfur amino acids, Cystine & Methionine, Vitamins (Vitam.E, Vitam.symplegm. B Vitam.C, provitam. A)
Minerals, mineral & VEGETABLE EXTRACTS like millet extract (Millet) and extract Kondylochorto (Equisetum). The extracts contain unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamins B1, B2, Nicotinamide, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc and enough silicic acid, which is an indispensable structural component of hair and nails.

When our body for various reasons, does not take in food, the necessary quantities of substances necessary for healthy growth of hair and nails, then it must be taken by mouth, a dietary supplement scientifically studied as the BIOKAP Caps, which contains all the necessary substances to be addressed by our organization, successfully, hair loss, the fragility of the nail and various other diseases.

THE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS FOR HAIR AND NAILS like BIOKAP caps are granted for a period of 2-3 months


A) When the hair is falling than normal
B) When the hair grow very slowly
C) When the hair is thin and relatively easy to detach
D) If the nails are dull and break easily.

Packing box with 60 caps, 3 blister X 20 caps and

Approved by the EOF with license number 23288/97

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