Boderm Hairgen Dynamic Solution Shampoo 200ml

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Boderm Hairgen Shampoo dynamic solution 200ml

When starting the problem of hair loss through the Boderm turn Hairgen, provide what is needed the scalp for the active addressing. The Hairgen Shampoo dynamic solution 200ml the composition further contains component glycolic acid which due to its small molecular weight can penetrate the cell walls so that it can carry all the bio-available ingredients acting on the root structure while allowing an excellent grooming.
It is suitable and ideal because it contains vitamins and herbal active substances that strengthen weak hair, revitalize the roots, protects from UV radiation and prolong their life time as not lubricate and not the lies. It is dermatologically tested ingredients of natural origin.

Content: 300 ml

Instructions for use:
It is suitable for external use only. Aplonontas Apply on dry or wet hair, and massage gently with soft circular motions with your fingertips.

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