Froika Pantogrin Shampoo 200ml Invigorating Shampoo

Product Sku: 11169

Product information



Invigorating Shampoo

Specific nutrient shampoo for thin, brittle, poor hair. It contains an oily extract of sabal serrulata plant that competes with the mechanisms responsible for hair loss and seborrhoea.

It also contains the active ingredients:

Invigorating vitamin PP/B5 that achieves congestion and promote the proper growth of hair.

Soybean extract rich in ingredients that are components of the hair structure as peptides, amino acids and minerals.

Herbal extracts of ivy, watercress, arugula for hair care and regulation of grease.

Gentle cleansing base does not cause irritation or dryness and not disrupt the normal pH and hydrolipidic protective layer of hair.


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