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The Bonsalt -66% Sodium (Sodium) is the largest percentage reduction solution containing common salt. You can find it in pharmacies and bio shops in packs of 350 gr saltshaker.
The BonSalt -66% Sodium can be used as common salt, with no difference. It is 100% natural product. It is the ideal product to avoid the intake of sodium.
As you do with common salt your food try to find the perfect amount you use. The most ideal is slowly discharging completely the intake of salt in your diet. It has been shown to be responsible for high blood pressure.
You will find it in packs of 25 kg for professionals.
Prepare the largest Spanish Industry GONZALO CASTELLO covering the global demand.
The ideal would be to be able to completely expel as we said salt from our diet and why it is that the body does not need, but we are so large quantities every day because it is hidden in all foods.
Great taste, you will not understand the difference, and you will definitely have -66% less sodium. It will also take the Potassium so great that both body needs.
The BonSalt -66% in blood pressure.
In the developed world, most deaths associated with high blood pressure associated with smoking and salt. Experts say that high salt intake may be an important factor in high blood pressure, which can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. In the UK one in three people suffer from high blood pressure due to intake of salt.
An excessive amount of sodium in the diet can lead to high blood pressure. The current recommended daily dose for an adult is only 6 g of salt, equivalent to 2,4 g of sodium, to keep sodium levels down and help maintain a healthy high blood pressure.
Just as much sodium in the diet can lead to high blood pressure, very little potassium can also contribute. In fact, there is evidence that increasing potassium intake may actually help in maintaining healthy pressure.
Sodium and potassium work together to control your blood pressure. Ideally, you should reduce sodium intake, and try to eat more foods rich in potassium.
Foods that contain potassium are fruits and vegetables (including dried), potatoes, legumes, nuts and seeds, milk and yogurt, fish, poultry and whole grains.
Sodium chloride (max 33,3%)
The sodium chloride is just salt! Salts, including mineral and sea salt, is 100% sodium chloride. While it is vital for life, most of us consume too much sodium, so BonSalt -66% offers the perfect way to reduce sodium intake ..
Potassium chloride (min 66,6%)
Potassium is valuable for the body, especially important contribution to regulating the activity of muscles and nerves. The BonSalt -66% is a great source of potassium, providing a healthy balance of the two.
Potassium has also been shown to help maintain the health of blood.

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