DUCRAY Melascreen Depigmentant Induction treatment of localized hyperpigmentatio 30ml

Product Sku: 10310

Product information



The Melascreen Depigmentant owes its success to the brown spots in the original combination of concentrated Azelaic acid and glycolic acid.
The acid azelate acknowledges the strong bleaching of action inhibits the enzyme involved in the synthesis of melanin (tyrisinase) and corrects the pigmentation.
The glycolic acid smooths the skin by accelerating the removal of dead skin cells and promotes the action of Azelaic acid optimizing the penetration of the upper layers of the epidermis.
The corrected and hyperpigmentation spots gradually fade.
Instructions: Apply morning and evening at the areas (face, décolleté) after a good cleaning. Avoid contact with eyes. For best results recommended treatment for three months at least.
Avoid sun exposure and apply additional special sun protection like Melascreen Creme Solaire SPF 50 +.

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