Ecrinal Women''s Shampoo For Hair Loss 200ml

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Therapeutic female shampoo against alopecia.


This product is part of a series of Ecrinal treatments for thinning hair, dry or brittle, for women who have hair loss symptoms. Hair loss is a disease of the hair follicles, which are destroyed by the lymphocytes. It is primarily a psychosomatic disease, despite immunological mechanisms involved in this disease.
The shampoo is provided in two types, one for men and one for women. The specific concerns only the female population. The types among them vary in color but have the same concentration of ANP. The ANP is an extract from the sebaceous glands of the mane of the horse.

The Ecrinal Shampooing Femme is a powerful treatment that is appropriate for all hair types, based on the international patented ANP of Asepta. Combats hair loss, dandruff and greasy. Revitalizes hair roots and intensify the hair re-growth. Stimulates the production of keratin.

Thanks to its gentle texture, keeps hair soft and supple.


Shake the contents of the product before use. Use wet head. Gently massage. Rinse. Repeat using leaving the product to act for about 2-3 minutes. Rinse.

Recommended for external use only.

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