EVZYN Klettenwurzel Shampoo -Sampouan From Wild Burdock Roots 200ml

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The bursting, the "misunderstood" plant with the reputation ... of well-known weed hides many great qualities and favors! Herbalists are well aware that they are not only one of the most powerful detoxifying herbs but also for a plant that is traditionally used to treat hair loss, hair stimulation and growth. Its tincture is also ideal for chronic skin diseases such as eczema and others. Birch, on the other hand, is known for its antiseptic, disinfecting and tonic properties. As far as its cosmetic use is concerned, it is no secret to experts that its distillate gives smooth and shiny hair. The combination of both - Wild Rose Crust and Borage Spirits - is ideal for creating a particularly beneficial shampoo.

Shampoo from Wild Roses and Bitter Spirits Kletten - Wurzel Shampoo:

- It is rich, nutritious, neutral pH

- Has a herbal composition tested for the presence of heavy metals, free from any form of paraben

- It is extremely beneficial for normal and dry hair

- Recommended for hair loss as well as for preventing it

- Suitable for sensitive scalp with dry skin and irritation, as it cleanses the hair gently, while soothing the epidermis

- Rejuvenates and stimulates hair roots

- Gives immediate softness and shine

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