Fadopharm Bio Mask Collo E Mento Lift, Face Mask Disposable / Lifting For Throat

Product Sku: 11094

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Lifting for neck and chin Fadopharm company.


The neck and chin, two skin areas "sag" over time and lose its firmness and elasticity. Face mask company fadopharm, specially designed to stimulate and nourish these two skin areas. Enriched with a light emulsion, with plant extracts and impregnated with an effective abrasive cluster except the toning and nourishing the skin, assist in redesign hypotonic skin, providing an immediate effect Lifting. After using the mask, neck and chin, look more toned and give your entire face a younger and fresher look. Mask disposable, consisting as weekly firming treatment for the neck and the chin, and suitable for all skin types.

Apply the mask company Fadopharm, so that fits neatly in your face. Relax and leave the mask on for at least 10 minutes. Remove the mask and gently massage until absorbed extract.

Your skin may be red immediately after treatment, as a result of natural action of the mask.