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Relaxing eye mask.

This soft eye mask disposable, whose creation was designed to relax tired and strained eyes. Soaked with vegetable extracts, distilled rose water, and protein derivatives, proven for their usefulness to relax, stimulate and revitalize the delicate eye area. In the composition of this mask are combined in a careful manner extracts from camomile flowers, rose and cornflower with extracts from euphrasia, sweet clover and cucumber, which act sedatives in the area around the eyes, reducing thereby swelling, redness and dark circles that have appeared. Further, the composition of the product contained carob seed in combination with allantoin and sencin, which gives a silky effect on skin and reduces wrinkles due to abrasive and moisturizing action.

Besides the relaxation offered to the eyes, the Eyes Relax Mask benefits and eye lashes. Thanks to proteins syndrome, present in the composition of the mask and is formed by keratin and precious silk proteins, this mask nourishes, strengthens and gives volume to lashes. The product is dermatologically tested.

Place the mask, to abut onto your eyes and be fully covered. Then sit back and relax!

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