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Gel a patch for the eyes.

This gel in patch form that effectively hydrates the delicate area under the eyes. It offers firming and moisturizing the area, revitalizing it and giving of youthfulness and freshness. This way, significantly reduced the formation of unsightly bags and dark circles.

Dark circles under the eyes are mainly aesthetic rather than a pathological problem. Cause their creation are different factors. The fatigue, nasal congestion and allergies are the most common. Fatigue due to the exhaustion of the human body, nasal congestion due to the widening and the darker color of the veins in the area under the eyes, and allergies, because at that time - ie when we suffer from an allergy - rub ever our eyes, which contributes to the deterioration of the appearance of the skin under the eyes. Other causes for the creation of dark circles under the eyes are aging, smoking, Sun, fluid retention, family predisposition and heredity, insomnia, dehydration and anemia due to iron deficiency.

Place the two patch, which contains the package, one under each eye. They are disposable. It has been tested in ocular tolerance and reduction of bags. It is dermatologically tested.

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