Fadopharm Laxfruit Syrup For Children 150ml

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Fadopharm Laxfruit Syrup For Children 150ml

Indications: Proper bowel function for children.

Natural product with fiber for proper bowel function.
Contains: Tamarind fruit extract *, fig extract ** and *** manna (ash discharge)

1 can of soup (ie 15ml) in the evening before bedtime.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store in a cool dark place away from children. It does not replace a balanced diet.

* Produced from the seeds of the tree Tamarindus indica and has benefits, among others, the digestive system.
** Thanks to their action as a mild laxative, figs can be the solution for people with constipation problems.
*** Also known as the Ash Ornos, Manna, Fraxinos, small ash, ash is a tree of medium size, has a height that can reach up to 15m. From the trunk of the received manna that has diuretic, tonic and mild laxative effect.

Content - Packing: The syrup contains 150ml.

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