Froika Dermosoft Cold Cream 100ml

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Froika Dermosoft Cold Cream - Cream for the face, immediately relieves and regenerates irritated / intolerant skin, long lasting
The Froika Dermosoft Cold Cream deeply moisturizes, refreshes, soothes and restores the natural balance of the skin.
Soothes and regenerates irritated all cause skin (sun, cold, dryness, redness).
Suitable as an active excipient dermatological prescriptions.
Restores the lipid balance of the stratum corneum.
It has a rich non-greasy, easily absorbed and quickly
It enhances the function of the lipids of the stratum
It restores the natural balance of the hydrolipidic layer
Protection from dryness

-Hyaluronic Acid biotechnological origin. With healing action while helping the active transport of active molecules and water to the skin.

-Special Combination of moisturizing, soothing and regenerating ingredients such as panthenol, bisabolol, phytosterols and vitamin E

Hypoallergenic product - clinically tested

Instructions For Use
Used twice daily to clean skin on the face or body, massaging gently. Insist points exhibiting particular problem

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