Froika Hyaluronic Moist Cream Rich 50ml

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The Froika hyaluronic moist rich cream is an intensive moisturizing cream enhanced with rich creamy stage, enriched with isoflavones (considered to be plant estrogens).
Enriches and thickens the atrophic skin usually caused by menopause, resulting in excessive dryness, atrophy and wrinkles.
The Froika hyaluronic moist rich cream is suitable for mature, extremely dry skin and skin with collagen loss, thanks to the reorganisation of the stratum corneum and fatty tissue.
Specializes in protecting skin stem cells and thanks to sixfold moisturizing mechanism offers protection to the skin against any skin damage.
Stem cells containing protect from premature ageing and restores lost skin youthfulness and freshness.
The Froika hyaluronic moist rich cream is used on the face, eye area and neck without leaving any residues after use.
The Froika hyaluronic moist rich cream is available in the package of 50ml.

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