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Natural Colon Cleansing :

Have any of the following symptoms ?

Do you have low energy, headaches or sleep problems ?

You have lower back problems or issues of water retention ?

Make a hard struggle to lose weight?

Do you have any bloating or indigestion after eating ?

Have a swell in the lower abdomen ?

Excessive retention of waste in the colon is the most common reason why people have a bloated belly that does not seem to be able to easily get rid of , no matter how much you sit and what they do . We should have two bowel movements a day , but most people do not have many times not one . This is a problem .

The weight of your colon is usually about 1.8 pounds. However , the weight of a person''s colon can weigh up to 15 pounds! This can be from the waste accumulated in the colon , and because the colon can be extended up to three times its normal size , it becomes almost like a balloon , causing a swollen belly like you''re three months pregnant.

According to RoyalSocietyofMedicine, over 54 health problems can be associated with a toxic colon . So the real question is , have at least two bowel movements a day ; If so your gut working properly . If not we have a problem here .

The actual physical Answer: Natural Cleanser !

The NaturalColon has a specially formulated blend of 12 organic herbs , Greek , plants and fruits also contain organic root Ginger, Organic Calendula and Organic Beets . These natural , organic ingredients work gently to properly cleanse the colon and improve mobility without any of the common side effects such as cramping , bloating or diarrhea .

The Natural Colon also includes a special blend of probiotics and enzymes to renew the flora destroyed by the different cleaning agents and toxins .

What not to include the cleaning of the bowel.

Your doctor will have told

More than 97 % of the products of the colon include the following harmful ingredients.

Read product labels and avoid these ingredients .

Bentonite is a clay that is used as a binder or thickening agent . When the bentonite absorbs liquid , expands, and as it dries , can form cracks. In the United States Food and Drug Administration states that bentonite can cause a serious bowel obstruction and can cause bumps or nodules , also damages the mucosal tissues .

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