Health Aid A to Z multivitamins 30Tabs

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Vitamins , Minerals & Lutein
Full balanced composition

The complete combination multivitamin offering at every age ( teens - adults - seniors ) , all the necessary vitamins and minerals that the body needs on a daily basis. Furthermore, it is enriched with lutein (antioxidant) for further antioxidant protection and combat free radicals. When this is combined with completeness balancing achieved maximum apotelesma.Ta constituents A to Z multivit of Health Aid located in such an amount as not to cause overdose and therefore side effects and with no interaction with parallel take medication .
The perfect ally of all ages . Ideal for long-term use . The effervescent form ( see page 8) , does not contain iodine.

Note :
The supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet Keep in a cool and dry place , Keep away from children Do not exceed the recommended daily dose , consult your doctor if you are pregnant , nursing, taking medication .

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