Health Aid Acidophilus Plus 4 Billion 60V.Caps

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Lactobacillus Probiotic with 4bn (FOS)

Ideal blend of 3 different probiotics :
Acidophilus, Lactis & Bulgaricus

The Acidophilus plus 4 billion of HealthAid helps maintain the balance of intestinal flora , when disturbed by some foods , antibiotics , stomach disorders , diarrhea or oral contraceptives . The Acidophilus plus increases the number of friendly bacteria , creating a healthy flora , which enables digestion and assimilation and better absorption of the components.

It helps the intestine to function normally and for proper bowel movements . Increases the body''s ability to fight the fungi that grow in and on the general health of the organization. With fructooligosaccharides ( prebiotics FOS) for longer life .

Note :
The supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet Keep in a cool and dry place , Keep away from children Do not exceed the recommended daily dose , consult your doctor if you are pregnant , nursing, taking medication .

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