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The Alpha Probiotica is a powerful multi-strain probiotic with 4 billion friendly bacteria per capsule equivalent to 8 cups of yogurt, but without pivarynei you with calories, fat, sugar, lactose or other dairy strain.
It provides eight different strains of friendly lactic bacteria which by definition are in a healthy gut by providing cross support to the small and large intestine.
By microcapsule technology provides resistance to the acidic environment of the stomach, maximizing the effectiveness of the formulation.
It is an ideal product for use after use of antibiotic or medication, ideal for those who travel abroad and those who carry ydrokatharismous colon.
With guaranteed minimum 4 billion live bacteria per capsule up to 12 months after production date.

Ideal for:
♦ Intestinal dysviosi
♦ Development and bad pathogenic bacteria
♦ bloating and swelling
♦ body odor
♦ development of candida albicans
♦ odor mouth / tongue coating
♦ spastic colitis, Crohn''s disease and celiac disease
♦ Digestive disorders (including constipation or diarrhea)
♦ Gases stomach with a strong odor
♦ gallstones
♦ indigestion, heartburn and regurgitation
♦ irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
♦ leaky gut syndrome
♦ trips abroad
♦ during or after taking antibiotics

If you receive the Alpha Probiotica alone, start with a higher dosage (3-4 capsules per day divided with your meals) for 2-4 weeks. Then cut back the dosage to 1 capsule, 1 to 3 times daily.
For best results are achieved when the Alpha Probiotica:
♦ combined with other preparations aimed at intestinal and digestive health
♦ use it for 2-3 months continuously along with proper nutrition.

It does not require refrigeration.

Information Allergies: Based on maltodextrin.

Content: 30 capsules

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