Healthia Colon Oxygen 845mg, 100caps

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Food supplement for oxygenation of the intestine and the smooth daily operation, with strong activity but mild to operate without causing tolerance or resistance.

It contains magnesium peroxide, prebiotic (FOS), unfiltered apple cider vinegar and other active ingredients that help the oxygenation process that provides magnesium peroxide.
The Colon Oxygen of Healthia oxygenate tissues, softening feces detaching them from the intestinal walls to eliminate immediately relieving the instrument. It is an ideal complement in cases of chronic constipation removing old "blocked" feces and koprolithoi long term may create serious health problems in the gut.

Ideal for:
detoxify the bowel
♦ hard feces that cause pain
♦ effective relief from constipation
♦ people with sensitivity to herbs and plant extracts
♦ bowel oxygenation and elimination of harmful toxins
♦ cultivation and proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the gut flora
♦ detachment and removal of fecal plaque from the walls of the intestine

May cause soft feces or diarrhea in early stages of the reception due to the laxative properties. If symptoms persist, reduce the dose or increase the intake of dietary fiber containing psyllium or other indigestible fibers, or receive Colon Oxygen with food.
Other symptoms: bloating or cramps, headaches, acne (when not receiving sufficient water)
In these cases and in case of pain, nausea or vomiting, stop taking and consult a physician.

Precautions contraindications (extra):
Do not take with other antacid preparations or calcium supplements for at least 6-8 hours

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