Hipp Cream 5 - Cereal 200g

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Hipp Cream 5 - Cereal with selected organic whole grains (from 6 months) without added sugar 200g

The Hipp Cream 5 - Cereal with selected organically grown whole grains is the best solution for children as it contains no sugar. It is suitable and ideal for your baby''s balanced and safe diet. Cereals are an important component of a balanced diet, even for infants and gi` this reason Cream Hipp 5 - grain becomes so valuable.
Contains the rich composition of selected components valuable for health, whole organic foods 88% digestible, which are valuable for health, has not been chemically treated or other synthetic quick-release fertilizers, not containing milk . Also includes in its composition Vitamin B1, which is very important in the proper functioning of the nervous system, as it contains no dyes, fragrances and preservatives, as an ideal choice for the evening meal before bedtime.



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