Hipp Organic Farming Apple 125g

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HiPP organic apple 125g
Suitable for use after the 4th month

The stamp "Bio" of Hipp guarantees top quality and exceed EU standards for organic products.

Ensures safe and your baby''s balanced diet
Hypoallergenic: contains few ingredients, no added milk, gluten.
Low acidity Mild
It does not include the ingredients of perfumes, dyes, preservatives and thickeners
In cream
It softens the stool
Prepare driven preserve all nutritional ingredients which makes it perfect for your infant.

Ingredients: Apple * 100%, Vitamin C
* Organic production

How to consume
The first few weeks adding foods start with 4-6 teaspoons before the milk meal and increase day by day.
Then administer as an intermediate meal, dessert or addition to the porridge. Take the desired amount, then keep the rest covered in the refrigerator and consume within 3 days. To avoid damage to the jar use only plastic spoon.