Inca Rose BB Cream Spf15 Light 30ml

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Inca Rose BB Cream Spf15 Light 30ml
Moisturizing - multifunctional cream refines the skin

Stunning thin cream refines the skin with lots of action: brightens, protects, gives matte effect and uniformity in color, smooths wrinkles.
With coloring microcapsules are constituted adapts to your skin tone, corrects minor imperfections and gives the person a unique naturalness finish
Enriched with moisturizing double hyaluronic acid * high and low molecular weight ** a skin soft, bright and smooth.

Usage: apply the BB cream on clean skin and spread it evenly with your fingers.

* It forms an invisible film on skin hydration and ensures protection from damage caused by light and external agents responsible for skin aging. Makes skin hydrated, smooth and elastic.
** Penetrates into the deeper skin layers, allowing moisture. Improves skin elasticity with effective anti-wrinkle action.

Tint: Light

Content: 30 ml
Not to be used 12 months after opening.
Made in Italy

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