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Ingenic Iron Max 100ml supplement with iron in MCT oil that meets the body's iron needs, strengthens immunity, enhances  children's development and red blood cell formation. Suitable for the whole family. 

Ingenic Iron Max 100ml carbonyl iron food supplement with a high pure iron content exceeding 98%. 

  • High absorption 
  • It does not stain teeth
  • Free of preservtives and colors 
  • Does not cause constipation
  • Does not leave a metallic taste


Shake well before use for 30 seconds until it acquires a uniform color. Using the syringe you adjust the appropriate dosage.

For infants up to 1 year: Ask you doctor 
1-6 years: 0.3ml/per day 
7-11 years: 0.5ml/day
12-17 years: 0.6ml/day (boys) 0.7ml/day(girls)
Adults: 0.6ml/day (men) 0.8ml/day(women)
Carbonyl iron, Natural lemon scent, Absorbent: MCT oil
Attention : 
Don't exceed the recommended dosage. Keep it in dry and cool place away from children. Food supplements are not a subtitute of a balanced diet . If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication, consult your doctor.Do not consume it  90 days after the first opening. 
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