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The Bromelain is an enzyme derived from stem of fresh pineapple and is widely known as a digestive enzyme. Helps in the digestion of fats and high prwteinikis meal composition.
Recent surveys, however, have focused the attention of the scientific community in the use of Bromelain as a dietary supplement for the treatment of sports injuries (particularly sprains).
As the mechanism of action of Bromelain proposed the modification of the inflammatory response, through both prostaglandin production suspension that promote inflammation, as well as through the production of prostaglandin success with anti-inflammatory properties.
To reinforce the action of may coadministered with Curcumin (turmeric), for this reason, many doctors suggest taking both products simultaneously.
It seems that Bromelain helps in absorption of Curcumin, which is the active ingredient of Turmeric.
To ensure the effectiveness of the product required specific levels of enzyme activity, amounting in 2000 GDU (gelatin dissolving units-) per gram.
For this reason you must use products that ensure the above listed levels of enzyme activity, such as Bromelain of Lamberts.

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