Lamberts Colladeen Derma Plus 60 Tabs Formula for skin

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High Potency Anthocyanidins with Green Tea and Lutein plus Vitamins
Anthocyanidins (and proanthocyanidins) are the natural pigments that are responsible for the rich blue and red colours of fruits and berries.
Anthocyanidins have been the focus of considerable scientific research, which confirms that these compounds are important constituents of a healthy diet.
Colladeen® Derma Plus provides a particularly rich source of these natural source plant extracts (from grape seed and bilberries), alongside green tea leaf and a full 6mg of pure free-form lutein.
It also includes vitamin C, which plays a role in normal collagen formation, together with niacin and biotin – all of which support the maintenance of normal skin.
Use as part of a skin health programme
Can be used in conjuction with multis and Omega 3’s
Suitable for people who are sensitive to the sun.

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