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(as a 250mg extract)
Echinacea purpurea, also known as purple coneflower, is widely used on the Continent. It is one of the most well researched herbs available, with many published reports demonstrating its active properties.
Echinacea is rich in numerous important constituents. Organic phenolic compounds present include echinacoside (a caffeic acid derivative), cichoric acid (particularly high in echinacea purpurea compared to other species), chlorogenic acid and cynarin.
Although analysis of echinacea purpurea has yielded an array of chemical constituents with some pharmacological activity, it is the organic phenolic compounds that are used for standardisation procedures.
Standardised extracts are favoured by Lamberts® since the extraction and concentration procedures ensure that the herbal product is far more potent than those products based on a powdered whole herb, where no attempt is made to concentrate the active ingredients.
Our 250mg extract is made from over 1000mg of dried powder and is therefore likely to be 4 times stronger than a product containing simply 250mg of powdered plant material.

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