Life Extension Ultra Natural Prostate with ApresFlex & Standardized Lignans 60s

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Nutritional supplement to protect the prostate.

This formula specifically designed with the best nutrients to protect the prostate and maintain the function of healthy and smooth, with no problems. It contains the essence of enterolactone, a metabolite, which supports the reduction of the levels of estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body hormone that swells the prostate.

Further, the composition of the formulation contained:

Extract Boswelli 5-Loxin, which inhibits the action of 5-lipoxygenase and other inflammatory agents, which damage the prostatic cells.
Nettle extract (Dioica Urtica), which protects prostate cells from excessive levels of estrogen found in elderly men.
Extract Saw Palmetto, which hinders the action of dihydrotestosterone in the prostate, controls inflammation of the prostate and contribute to the normal flow of urine.
Pygeum, which promotes the health of prostaglandins.
Beta-Sitosterol, which works in cooperation with Pygeum.
Cernitin, which reacts with dihydrotestosterone, contributes to the regulation of inflammatory reactions and in the relaxation of tone of smooth muscle of the urethra.
Boron, which offers protection to the body by enzymes that adversely affect the prostate and contribute to slowing the growth of the Special Protective Antigen (PSA).
Lycopene: which helps the genes of the DNA to be functioning normally in prostate cells.

Dosage: You can consume one capsule, twice a day.

The package contained 60 capsules.

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