Macrovita Physical Greek Royal Jelly production 10gr

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MACROVITA Greek Royal Jelly production 10gr

Royal jelly MACROVITA is a product with high biological value for humans with an exceptional positive effect on growth, metabolism, longevity, physical and mental health. It helps increase sexual activity, fertility, strength, mental and physical forces, as well as rejuvenate the elderly and improves the physical condition of people. To pack the MACROVITA the royal jelly used bottles with child resistant closure of pharmaceutical glass 10, 20 and 30 gr, and a plastic spoon with a capacity of half a gram.

Caution :
Keep refrigerated but not frozen

Instructions for use :
Ten minutes before breakfast you download a dose by MACROVITA royal jelly. Let royal jelly under your tongue until absorbed or swallowed with a little water. You can mix it with a little honey if you bother to taste.

Appropriate dosage :

The minors: half a gram
Adults: half to one gram
Athletes: one to two grams

Content : 10gr

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