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Redenyl Lotion has twice the potency of Minoxidil and best results from Finasteride, making it the most advanced, comprehensive and active product available today for all three phases of the scalp (Anagen - Katagen - Telogen ) and opens a new era in the problem of hair loss and hair loss.
Redensyl: Ex vivo studies have shown that the same amount of Redensyl is almost twice as effective as Minoxidil.
Sepicontrol: Studies have shown that Sepicontrol is a more potent blocker of the enzyme 5a Reductase (suspected of hair loss) than Finasteride.
Menthol 1.5%: for local hypertension.
Polyphenols: according to recent studies (6/2017) in addition to their antioxidant activity and increased microcirculation, polyphenols actively aid in the development of hair growth.

Lotion for hair growth and treatment of hair loss.

Instructions for use
After washing your hair with Redenyl Hair Growth Shampoo, dry and apply the Redenyl Hair Growth Lotion twice a day. Once you have sprayed the scalp, gently massage with your fingers until the lotion is absorbed. Proceed as directed by your doctor. No rinsing required.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place away from children.
Do not use the product if there are scars or scars on the scalp.

Content - Packaging
80ml plastic bottle with dispenser.

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