Meis Perkosun 3 Days

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Meis Perkosun 3 Days
The deodorant cream Perkosun thanks to standard composition allows your body to perspire normally without the problem of bad breath, is suitable for men and women.
It lasts effectively for at least three 24-hour, shower and you''re doing. Gives odorless in sensitive areas, giving a wonderful feeling of cleanliness. Cares and pampers the skin making it soft and velvety. Does not stain clothes for very sensitive skin consists of a test in the elbow joint. Avoid contact with eyes.

Sweat itself is odorless. The unpleasant odor caused when he arrives on the skin surface. There starts the decay caused by gram-negative and gram -positive bacteria found on the skin surface. The deodorant cream perkosun control the growth of gram-negative and gram -positive bacteria preventing them proliferate. so you sweat naturally without any unpleasant odor.

Clinically proven efficacy
Dermatologist tested product
Greek product
Packaging 30 g
Caution: For external use only, keep away from children
Do not use Perkosun 3 Days 24 months after opening

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