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The IMMUNITÉ of Naturactive series combines our triple aid body strengthening action offered by the famous Echinacea, the powerful elder and a magic mushroom, Citaku the subject in recent years many studies refer to the valuable for the action of the body.

The elderberry or zampouko (elderberries) is a shrub or small tree with large green leaves and small dark purple fruit which is used to treat influenza and its symptoms.
The Echinacea is recommended during the winter for the treatment of various respiratory diseases (eg. Rhinitis, bronchitis or even simple outbreak).
The Shiitake (Citaku) is an edible mushroom that is grown for centuries in Asia in recent years around the world. The excellent and spicy taste combined with its healing properties have highlighted as the second mushroom production worldwide.

Composition (per sachet)
Dry elderberry extract 667 mg
Dry extract echinacea 100 mg
Citaku dry extract 50 mg

Packaging - Use
Contains 15 sachets of 10ml
1 sachet day diluted in a glass of water
Do not be taken by people with asthma, allergies to plants of the family of asteroids (chamomile), autoimmune diseases.
#. NOTIFICATION EOF: 5218 / 01.22.2015

Content: 15 sachets (liquid)

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