Nestle Resource Optifibre 250gr

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Nestle Resource Optifibre 250gr an effective and natural solution that relieves chronic constipation, from 100% plant prebiotic fibers without side effects, due to its natural mode of action. OptiFibre in powder form has a neutral taste and is easily mixed with daily foods or liquids because it does not change the taste, smell and texture.
It relieves chronic constipation, effectively and naturally
With a neutral taste and smell, it can be easily added to liquids & foods.
With 100% vegetable prebiotic fibers without side effects because it works in a natural way
Suitable for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Suitable for Diarrhea
Suitable for long-term enteral feeding
Promotes bowel motility
100% plant-based prebiotic fiber (soluble fiber-gummy ware)
No artificial sweeteners
No added flavors
Without preservatives
No dyes
Lactose free
Gluten free
Way of use
5-25g daily or as directed by a healthcare professional
We gradually increase the dose.
To optimize solubility, it is recommended not to use it in carbonated drinks or carbonated water.
Medical note
Not for Children under 3 years old
It is not an exclusive source of Nutrition
To be used under medical supervision
Nestle Resource Optifibre 250gr
In a package of 250 grams

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