Olive Oil Test Kit

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Olive Oil Test Kit (Olive Acidity Measuring kit)



Useful for Farmer, the Olive, the Merchant, the Consumer
Acidity is the main criterion for the quality evaluation of oil and determine its market value.
The acidity is intertwined with the content of the product of oleic acid (grams of free oleic acid / 100 fatty matter).
The larger the number, the greater the composition of the oil into free fatty acids and the more degraded the quality.

OIL TEST KIT includes
Measurement accuracy 0.01% (0.01ml)
Method Titration analysis
Sample size 5.5ml
Total weight 300g

Accessories Olive Oil Test Kit for 18 measurements

1. alcohol solution and indicator OIL TEST 1,100ml (1 item)
2. Solution titration OIL TEST 2, 100ml (1 item)
3. Test vial stopper 30ml (1 item)
4. Rated syringe 5 ml (1 unit)
5. Rated syringe 1 ml (1 unit)
6. Instructions

olive oil


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