Physiomer Hypertonic Eucalyptus POCKET 25ML

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Breathe free, completely natural immediate relief from the cold
Essential oils of eucalyptus
They clear nasal passages and provide relief that lasts
Extracts of wild mint
For a pleasant and intense freshness
Hypertonic solution of 100% sea water
For the physical relieve blocked nasal passages
Adults and children over 6 years
Physiomer, natural and effective solution for better breathing
New Physiomer hypertonic Eucalyptus
3 activities which help fight the common cold
1. Decongestant effect of 2.2% hypertonic seawater
reduces nasal swelling by osmotic effect
reduces excess secretions
2. Activities of the essential oil of the respiratory system EucalyptusGlobulus
Assists the mucosa-fringed rate
Purifying action: it eliminates the primary source of bacteria in the nasal infections and ENT complications
3. The pleasant and intense freshness provided by the wild mint 2 to 3 times a day during the cold

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