Quest TumBiotix 30Caps Probiotic Supplement

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The TumBiotix of Quest contains a unique combination of probiotics and L.plantarum L.acidophilus, which is "friendly" probiotic lactic acid bacteria normally present in the human intestine. The combination L.plantarum and L.acidophilus been proven by scientific studies that can reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and therefore offer significant support to those who suffer from this syndrome . The TumBiotix helps maintain an ideal ratio of probiotic bacteria in the gut in order to contribute to the health and normal bowel function, and the body''s defenses protect against growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the gut .

Features Composition
- Targeted and scientifically proven probiotic supplement
- Carefully selected probiotic strains
- High content of live bacteria firmly into the capsule
- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
- Does not contain dairy ingredients (lactose )

Dosage & Instructions
One or two capsules daily with or after food .
Instructions for allergies: lactic probiotics grown in medium with non-genetically modified soybean

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