Quest Vitamins SUPER ONCE A DAY 60 tabs Timed Release

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The dietary supplement Super Once A Day timed release of Quest was designed for those who want to maintain an optimal health and fitness . The combination of ingredients can help reduce the risk of lack of essential nutrients in the body to protect cells from oxidative damage caused by toxins from the environment , to provide energy and vitality , reduce fatigue , enhance the response immune system and support concentration and memory.


Features Composition

- High potency " all - in-one " combination with 17 vitamins and vitamin- associated components , 12 minerals and 12 additional factors

- The metal chelates with amino acids to maximize their absorption

- Chelates with amino acids to create a composition which does not cause iron constipation

- Includes 12 active antioxidants

- Contains a wide range of essential micronutrients

- The synergistic copper , vitamin D and bioflavonoids increase the absorption of iron, calcium and vitamin C respectively

- Additional factors include lipotropic factors and enzymes

- Patented slow release tablet (timed release), designed to release nutrients for 6 hours for continuous absorption of water soluble vitamins B and C


Dosage & Instructions

One tablet daily with main meal.

This product contains iron which , if taken in excess , may be harmful to very young children . Keep away from them . Taking over a long period of time this amount of Vitamin B6 may lead to mild tingling and numbness .

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